Vishy Anand became a biathlete for a few minutes

Today the winner of the candidates tournament Vishy Anand fit Khanty traditional dress, raced a deer, and tried rifle shooting. It is an old Khanty-Mansiysk tradition – all tournament winners are invited for deer racing across the local Winter Sports Center.


Vishy liked the idea, he have never seen a reindeer before. He made a few laps on the stadium (which currently hosts the Russian biathlon championship) together with journalists and FIDE officials, who also enjoyed racing a lot.


Then Vishy tried being a biathlete. He did both prone and standing shooting, and did very well, so the journalists jokingly suggested the Indian grandmaster to switch his sport.



2 thoughts on “Vishy Anand became a biathlete for a few minutes

  1. Somewhere in heaven, Fischer, Tal and Petrosian are analyzing the games just played and waiting for the Anand-Carlsen rematch.

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